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IndustryUptime is the manufacturer's representative for Easy-Laser® alignment systems in Northern California. Easy-Laser® laser alignment systems have been developed with over 20 years of experience in solving measurement and laser alignment problems for industry. That experience has resulted in the Easy-Laser® laser alignment system which is easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to own. Call us to find out how affordable a laser alignment system can be.

Our expertise helps customers with the most common alignment problems such as laser shaft alignment, Laser Sheave/Pulley Alignment, and Laser Geometrical Measurements of virtually every kind (e.g. straightness, flatness, squareness, parallelism, and spindle direction). By applying Easy-Laser® laser alignment tools to these problems, customers can improve reliability, reduce vibration, and increase equipment uptime.

Laser alignment tools have long been recognized as the industry standard for laser shaft alignment, sheave/pulley alignment, and the common geometrical measurements identified above. This is because a laser alignment system makes these jobs easier, faster, more accurate, and recordable. Easy-Laser® has simplified the operation of the laser alignment system, so that users can focus on what needs to be done with the equipment, not how to operate the laser alignment tool. If you have an outdated laser alignment tool, dial indicators, or other alignment equipment that could be improved, call us today and learn how easy laser alignment can be with Easy-Laser®.

The Easy-Laser® product range is divided into 3 subcategories:

Check each of the product pages for our offerings in each of these categories. With purchase of a laser alignment system, we can also provide training to your personnel through an industry-recognized alignment specialist. This laser alignment training will go beyond simply how to press the buttons on the machine, and instead will focus on teaching your personnel machinery alignment, while using the Easy-Laser® laser alignment tool you have just purchased. Call IndustryUptime for a product demonstration at your location today.

Serving Fluid Process Industries that rely on pumps to keep operations running, such as: Water, Chemical, Power, Steel, Pipelines, Shipping, Refining, Paper / Pulp, Food Processing