AESSEAL Products:

IndustryUptime is the distributor for AESSEAL products which include the entire catalog of AESSEAL Mechanical Seals and Bearing Protection products for Northern California and Hawaii. AESSEAL® manufactures a full range of cartridge mechanical seals, mixer seals, component seals, API mechanical seals, and engineered seals for nearly all fluid handling applications. Learn more about AES SEAL, their modular design concept, and the full product range at, or give IndustryUptime a call for consultation and a quote today. The full product range of mechanical seals and bearing protectors includes:

AESSEAL Mechanical Seals

AESSEAL Bearing Protection

Serving Fluid Process Industries that rely on pumps to keep operations running, such as: Water, Chemical, Power, Steel, Pipelines, Shipping, Refining, Paper / Pulp, Food Processing